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Cannabis Banking Solutions

Aery Group™ is a part of US Eagle, and is backed by 85 years of credit union experience serving members and businesses. Aery serves the growing need for cannabis businesses to get access to the banking tools they need to keep employees and customers safe, and to provide entrepreneurs the tools they need to succeed. With Aery, your cannabis business can gain access to essential banking services, including business accounts, to help your business grow, thrive, and serve its customers. In our role as New Mexico’s first and only credit union serving the cannabis industry, you can trust the banking solutions and expertise of Aery Group to help your cannabis business grow and evolve with the ever-changing regulatory market.

We are a team of financial and compliance experts who believe in helping you maintain your cannabis business’s safety and security. 

NOTE about Adult-Use Cannabis Businesses and Accounts:  New Mexico is currently developing its regulations and licensing requirements for Adult-Use Cannabis Businesses.  Aery Group will base its products and services for that segment when the requirements have been finalized.  For information on the status of New Mexico's progress, please visit the New Mexico Regulation and Licensing Department website at:

Aery can help your business:  

aery_cashSecure physical cash

Gain access to normal payment channels via debit purchases

aery_lockMaintain a compliant and safe operating environment

aery_recordProvide banking records

aery_shieldProvide certainty on fees

icon-05Focus on business, NOT banking issues

For more information, email us at and we can set up an appointment to discuss your banking needs. Or proceed to the Contact Us form here.

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