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Early PayDay


Funds from electronic direct deposit (ACH - Automated Clearing House) payments to your account will be available on the same business day that we receive the deposit. This could mean getting your paycheck, social security or other directly deposited payments up to two days early!*

Quickly and easily check your available balances online or through your mobile app.

There is no charge for this service. To potentially receive your pay up to two days early, you’ll need to enroll in direct deposit. Please download the form here and follow the instructions on the form.

Having your payments directly deposited is the secure, confident – and perhaps faster – way of getting money into your account.

*Must enroll in direct deposit service for Early PayDay. Applicable to transaction accounts only. Limitations to immediate funds availability may occur based on time of deposit including business hours, weekends, and federal holidays. US Eagle Federal Credit Union reserves the right to delay the immediate availability of funds based on account and transaction type. See US Eagle for details.

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