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Share Savings

Simple, easy Savings. Get started today!

Look right now and tell us how much you have in your savings account. Ok, you don’t have to tell us. But if you don’t have a savings account, we need to talk. Don’t you want your paycheck to go further? Don’t you want that solid oak vanity or maybe some reassurance that if something happens, you’ll be prepared? We don’t just give your money a place to stay, we give it opportunities to grow and turn into the money you always knew it could be.

Share Savings

U.S. Eagle's savings accounts offer competitive dividend rates, compounded daily, and paid monthly on balances of $100 or more. To keep it simple, you earn more money with a savings account from us. 

Share Certificates

Share Certificates offer high dividend rates and a variety of terms for your investment needs. Terms of three months to five years are available. A minimum deposit is required for all share certificates.

You can also earn a higher yield on Share Certificates through our MemPerx membership loyalty program.  Up to 0.50% APY can be gained through your active participation in our credit union.  Read more here.


For a limited time, U.S. Eagle is offering a Share Certificate Special for 13- and 30-month Share Certificates.  The 13-month Share Certificate Special has an annual percentage yield of 0.85%.  The 30-month Share Certificate Special has an annual percentage yield of 1.15%.  

Investing in either of these Share Certificate Specials is easy, just visit any of our branches, call 505-342-8888, or visit this website to invest in the Share Certificates, and select "open secondary account," then login or register if you're new to the system, and select Share Certificates from the production information page.

Bump Rate Share Certificates

A Bump Rate Share Certificate account gives you the flexibility to take advantage in rising interest rates by providing a one-time increase on the rate for our two eligible share certificates: 18-month and 36-month. You decide when to unlock your interest rate and bump up to a higher rate once during the term of the share certificate.

  • Higher Yields
  • Eligible for MemPerx rate improvement
  • 18-month and 36-month terms available
  • Automatic renewal options
  • Dividends can be paid into deposit account or reinvested into certificate
  • Deposits insured by the NCUA up to $250,000 for each account


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