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VISA Credit Cards

Whether you want cashback, rewards points, a lower interest rate or a way to build your credit - we've got you covered.

With no annual, cash advance, over-the-credit-limit or inactivity fees*, US Eagle Visa® Credit Cards aren't charging you just for having space in your wallet. All are covered by Visa's Zero Liability Policy® - protecting you from unauthorized use of your card.** And all are mobile wallet adaptable.


Visa® Classic Credit Card

In a word – 'classic'. It's the straight-forward, no-frills card that covers your purchases. Easy to use with simple statements.

Terms & Conditions


Visa® Credit Builder Credit Card

Our Credit Builder card can help you establish or rebuild your credit. With an easy application, a manageable credit limit that can increase over time and no annual fee, it’s the perfect way to start building a great credit history.

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Visa® Platinum Credit Card

Want rewards points for your purchases you can use for about anything under the sun? You’ve got it with Platinum – including one of the lowest rates you’ll find anywhere on a rewards points card.

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Visa® Secured Credit Card

The perfect 'cost-control, start-up and way to build credit' card. Your credit limit is set by the amount you have in your share account. You can never spend over your limit to keep your finances in control while building a solid credit rating.

Terms & Conditions

Apply Online  (select SECURED CREDIT CARD)


Visa® Signature METAL™ Credit Card

The card the works as good as it looks at giving you cashback. And it’s pure cashback that never expires and goes directly into your US Eagle share (savings) account. See all the details at

Terms & Conditions

Save money with a balance transfer!

After you get the US Eagle Visa® Credit Card of your choice, say 'goodbye' to your credit cards that charge too much by easily making a balance transfer:

  1. In online banking, click "Credit Card" from the Left Navigation Bar
  2. Click "Products and Services"
  3. Click "Transfer a Balance" and complete all fields

*All loans subject to credit approval. All rates are variable and your credit rating may impact APR (Annual Percentage Rate). Transaction, penalty and other fees may apply. Transaction fees include balance transfer and foreign transaction fees. Penalty fees include late and returned payments fees. Other fees include statement copy, card replacement and pay-by-phone fees. See respective terms and conditions above. Must qualify for membership with minimum $5 deposit in primary share account. **Visa’s Zero Liability Policy does not apply to Visa corporate or Visa purchasing card or account transactions, or any transactions that are not processed by Visa. Visa is a registered trademark of Visa Inc. US Eagle METAL™ is under trademark of US Eagle Federal Credit Union. See US Eagle for complete details.

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