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Whether you’re an avid fisherman, a proud yacht owner, a jetski adventurer, or just someone who enjoys relaxing out on the river, boats can serve a lot of roles in our lives. Sometimes the best way to spend a warm, lazy afternoon is to kick back and relax on your own boat with nothing but your friends, the radio, and your cool beverage of choice - of course, to do that, you need to have your own boat, first!

Don’t get lost in the uncharted waters of endless boat financing options. Let U.S. Eagle help you set sail on the voyage of your dreams with the vessel of your choice, all without the usual loan headaches. With our competitive rates, unmatched (and friendly) service, and convenient online banking services available 24/7, you’ve got nothing but clear skies and calm waters to look forward to as you go through the boat loan process. *

We do more than just boats, too. Looking to buy a bigger vessel to get some real serious fishing done? We can finance that. Ever thought about living on the water? The Eagle offers houseboat loans to fund your new dream house on the river, and we do mean on the river. Even if all you’ve ever wanted was a jetski of your own to tear up and down the lake, the Eagle can get you the marine loan you need.

And don’t fret, landlubbers - U.S. Eagle still offers convenient, fast, and affordable auto loans, RV loans, and motorcycle loans to help buy the vehicles you need to get you where you want to go, even if they’re not built for the water.

Ready to get started? Check out our financial calculators below, give us a call, or find a location near you to set sail on the boat of your dreams. 



*Loans subject to credit approval

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