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RV & Motorhome Loans


Can’t resist the call of the open road any longer? Need a way to talk the family into camping with you? Maybe you’re finally ready to make that drive down to the Grand Canyon you’ve always talked about? Whenever your wanderlust is finally too much to resist, U.S. Eagle is here to help with a loan for the RV or camper that will let you hit the road in style.*

Similar to our car loans, U.S. Eagle offers a variety of financing options for new and used motorhomes and camper trailers which make it easy to help you pay for the vacation vehicle of your dreams. Our terms are flexible, our tellers are friendly, our locations are numerous, and our personalized, caring service can't be beat, even by the bigger national banks.

When you get an RV or camper loan from U.S. Eagle, you're getting more than some financial help. You're getting the same convenience and security you get from our checking accounts and savings accounts, complete with our online and mobile banking options. You're getting support from one of New Mexico's most trusted financial institutions. And you're going to get an entire credit union that's just as excited about your big cross-country drive as you are, even if the kids complain about not having Wi-Fi when they get there.

Apply today for an RV loan through U.S. Eagle and get on the road to your next big dream vacation - or maybe just down to the park for some barbecue and camping. Wherever the road may take you, U.S. Eagle is there.

(No, really. Check out our list of locations - we're darn near everywhere.)



*Loans subject to credit approval

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