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Investments & Insurance

We can help you to plan for whatever might come your way.

Invest In - And Insure - Your Future

Planning a future as bright as you are doesn’t have to be a pipe dream! At U.S. Eagle, we can provide you with a glass slipper kind of investment, the kind that fits perfectly into your life, your needs, and your dreams. We give you the insider knowledge and guidance only a fairy godmother of finance could provide! Whether you’re looking for a customized plan of action for managing your finances or you’re looking to help your loved ones be prepared for the future, we’re here to make sure you’re ready.

Investment Advisors

Except for maybe that one economics class you took way back when, not many people receive the education they need to confidently handle finances above and beyond something like a savings account. At U.S. Eagle, we can provide you with the guidance you need to transform your investment skills into something magical. From navigating Real Estate Investments Trusts to simply learning about the opportunities available to you, no matter what you’re planning to invest in, you can bet that our investment planning team is invested in you.


At U.S. Eagle, we’re here to help you secure your perfect storybook ending. With a variety of different insurance policies to fit your needs, the horse, the carriage, the cottage, and the family you love can all have the protection they need. Sure, a good rate on coverage for your car can make for a better day, especially while you’re still paying down your auto loan, but that’s not the only reason why so many New Mexicans have made the switch. U.S. Eagle Credit Union members benefit from our not-for-profit, all for you attitude. Everytime.

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