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Grow your money, plan for your future.

Brought to you by the U.S. Eagle Investment Services®

U.S. Eagle Investment Services® has a dedicated Investment Representative, located at U.S. Eagle Federal Credit Union.  The U.S. Eagle Investment Services program is offered through CUNA Brokerage Services, Inc.*, a broker/dealer focused on serving credit union members. CUNA Brokerage Services, Inc. is an affiliate of CUNA Mutual Group. For more information about CUNA Brokerage Services, Inc., please visit

James Armer U.S. Eagle Investment Services Representative

James Armer
Registered Representative
(505) 342-8930
5201 Antequera Rd NW
Albuquerque, NM 87120

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James Armer can help you achieve your financial goals by providing additional information about these investment and retirement products, and can assist you with any questions you may have.

Call or email James for your no-cost initial consultation today.

Retirement Planning

If you’re like most people, you probably have a good idea of when you want to retire. But do you know how you’re going to get there? If not, we can help. With U.S. Eagle Investment Services®, you can get help setting goals for your retirement journey, designing and implementing a retirement income plan, and staying on track.

We can focus on what’s right for you based on your retirement goals and timeline. We can assist you in planning out your retirement income sources and setting up a regular income stream. Plus, we'll work with you to help manage and help protect your assets, as well as overcome common retirement income obstacles such as inflation.


U.S. Eagle Investment Services® provides guidance and assistance to help you plan for the future. Our financial professionals can provide services that help you look toward the future and ensure your finances are ready for each stage of life, whether you’re considering college planning, general investing or retirement. Schedule a no-cost, no-obligation appointment with today - Call or email James today.

Education Funding

College matters more than ever.

College costs continue to skyrocket, outpacing increases in income. Without careful planning, your children could find paying for higher education difficult. People with college degrees out-earn their less educated peers significantly over a lifetime. They have an easier time getting work and withstand recessions and downsizing better. Start saving now by working with one of our financial professionals.

How much will it cost?

The cost of a college education varies wildly. Annual tuition and fees can run $8,000, and as high as $50,000. Take either number (or one in between) and multiply it by four years, and it’s only the beginning. You may need to pay for separate housing, a car, gas, parking or maybe air travel a few times a year. Textbooks can also run over $1,000 a year.  

The earlier you start, the easier it is.

More parents are finding it difficult to fund their children’s college education. As a result, many students are taking on more debt – and having to repay college loans right after graduation. The answer? Start saving early. You can use this calculator to set up a savings schedule to help you plan for college tuition. There are also special accounts specifically designed to help you save for college. The two most popular are the Coverdell Educational Savings Account (ESA) and the 529 College Savings Plan. They’re both tax-advantaged ways to grow your money. Start by working with a financial professional located at U.S. Eagle Federal Credit Union today!

Estate Planning*

Our financial professionals can help guide you and answer questions on estate conservation, and discuss the purpose of a trust and ramifications of carrying out your wishes.

Mutual Funds

A mutual fund is an investment company that pools money from many people and invests it in stocks, bonds or other securities. Each investor owns shares; each share represents a tiny portion of each individual security held by the fund. An investment professional handles the purchase and sale of individual securities in the fund, based either on an index or on his or her professional expertise. Investors may buy shares (or portions) directly from the fund or through registered individuals such as your financial professional.

Working with James, you can choose options including money market, stock funds, bond funds and exchange-traded.

Visit the Investor Connection website for more information about our advisors.

U.S. Eagle Investment Services Financial Professionals are registered representatives of CUNA Brokerage Services, Inc. Representatives are registered, securities are sold, and investment advisory services offered through CUNA Brokerage Services, Inc. (CBSI), member FINRA/SIPC, a registered broker/dealer and investment advisor, which is not an affiliate of the credit union. CBSI is under contract with the financial institution to make securities available to members. Not NCUA/NCUSIF/FDIC insured, May Lose Value, No Financial Institution Guarantee. Not a deposit of any financial institution. CUNA Brokerage Services, Inc. is a registered broker/dealer in all fifty States of the United States of America.


*Representative is neither a tax advisor nor attorney. For information regarding your specific tax situation, please consult a tax professional. For legal questions, please consult your attorney.

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