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Student Life Challenges Recipient


Recipient: Marisol Olivas  

Award Amount: $2,000

Scholarship Description: Student Loans, scholarship applications, FAFSA, deadlines, and the outrageous cost for student housing are only a few struggles college students endure while working on earning their degree. We want to learn about your struggles, what motivates you, and what perhaps creative measures do you take to overcome these? What do you advise to other students who find themselves struggling? Write an essay, create a podcast, or video—time to get creative.  

Click here to view Marisol's video. 


About Marisol

College: New Mexico State University 

Dream Job: "I would like to hope that my dream job will be to work with baby goats. Just several years ago, I decided to raise a baby goat. I gave my goat several bottles of cow milk every single day. Since then, I have become so in love with raising goats and they bring me so much joy. Hopefully one day, I hope to have my own goat farm and my dream job will come true by working with my baby goats!"

Hero: "My hero is my mother. She has taught me so much and is my role model. She has shown me that if I want something in life, I need to work for it. She is a first generation college student and has encouraged me to pursue a higher education. She has taught me to work hard for everything in life and to have fun.”

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