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Junior Board of Directors

the eagle needs you

Join the Junior Board of Directors! This highly innovative program is designed to immerse local youth ages 14-24 years old into the business of the credit union, leadership, and community service. Members of the JBOD will learn to conduct a meeting in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order, work together as a team, and complete three objectives. The three objectives of the JBOD are:

  1. Youth Entrepreneurship
  2. Community Service
  3. Develop a product or service for Members of Modest Means

JBOD members will gain valuable experience and could earn a letter of recommendation for college, a job, or scholarship applications or pursue school credit for participation. In return, U.S. Eagle hopes to gain insight into perspective, and opinions on potential new products or services for young members of modest means and to give students a reason to return to the local business community after college.

JBOD members may serve up to four (4) consecutive terms that coincide with the school year. They will attend a monthly meeting, from August through May, and will be invited to attend U.S. Eagle’s Annual Meeting each May.

Students will be expected to:

  • Be a U.S. Eagle member in good standing
  • Fulfill three directives: 1. Youth Entrepreneurship, 2. Community Service, 3. Develop a product or service for Members of Modest Means
  • Participate on the JBOD during their tenure
  • Attend at least 7 of the 9 monthly meetings during the school year
  • Arrange for transportation to and from meetings
  • Assist in completion of community involvement project
  • Agree to the use of their names and group photos in press releases and other public relations initiatives
  • Sign a letter of confidentiality
  • Provide two letters of recommendation from school, community, church, etc.
  • Ideal members would be involved in extra-curricular activities that demonstrate leadership and aptitude, e.g. Student Council, DECA, Key Club, etc.

Apply Here!

Email your completed applications and letters of reference to Maggie Tannen or Dwayne Neil, or mail your application to:

U.S. Eagle Federal Credit Union – Volunteer Development Committee
Attention: Mrs. Maggie Tannen
P.O. Box 129
Albuquerque, NM 87103

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