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2021 Annual Meeting

2021 Annual Meeting  

US Eagle's Annual  Meeting was held on May 12, 2021. 

If you missed the meeting, you can view the recording by clicking the Play button below:


During the Registration process, members were invited to pose questions to the Board of Directors and our Executive Team.  Several questions regarded personal account situations, and we addressed those in private follow-u messages to those members.  The questions below were addressed in the meeting and are repeated below for reference:

Q1:  James, Cheryl, and Alexander, had questions about our plans for new branches.

A:  US Eagle has been expanding our branch network.  We actively look for new locations to better serve our existing members and attract new members. With two construction projects now in progress, our next targets are South Valley and Rio Rancho.   Our longer-term strategy includes more branches in our current communities and as well as new communities in need of more options for financial services. We offer the same suite of services at all locations, so do not have a "main branch" by traditional definition.

Q2:  Joshua asked a question about our Overdraft Fees:

A:  We recognize that mistakes happen and we feel you shouldn’t be penalized for it.  That’s why we provide First-Time Non-Sufficient Funds forgiveness when your checking account is overdrafted for the first time.  As further protection against overdrafts, we provide Courtesy Pay to cover those important transactions, like a mortgage or car payment. We structured our fees so that the first Courtesy Pay fee every twelve months is waived. And while for those members that do not value that option, we are relaunching our Flex Checking account at the end of May, which does not have any overdraft charges.

Q3:  Yvonne had a question about Mortgages and refis.

A:  Like our other products and services, US Eagle strives to offer lower, competitive origination fees on our mortgages and refis, and we offer some of the best rates in our market. Unlike a bank, any proceeds that we earn from your mortgage is refunneled into services in your community, whether it be better products, increased convenience, or community outreach support.


Q4:  Beatrice asked about Investment Opportunities

A:  US Eagle offers investment opportunities for all members through our partner U.S. Eagle Investments Services. There are hundreds of options, and we can customize a plan to fit your plans and investment preferences. We have asked our lead representative to reach out to you, so expect a call soon.


Q5:  Marvin requested information about upcoming changes in how Credit Unions will operate.

A:  Over the past 12-plus months, many businesses, including credit unions, have re-focused their service delivery to provide increased capacity for online, mobile, and call center support.  US Eagle is continuously working to improve our online/self-serve offerings, leading with our online banking and mobile functionality. For example, we will launch Zelle, an industry leader in person-to-person payments, later this year. We are also pursuing options for improved service, whether it be in our drive-ups or in new facilities, for future in-person interactions. Finally, expect to see a long-term pivot to diversified service options, including investments, insurance, and other value-added areas, so that we may continue to offer members low fees and great rates.


Q6:  Sergio requested more information about our small business services.

A:  Our business lending department is here to help you, both through the current pandemic and through any issues you might face in the future. Both business lending and deposit services are a significant focus for us, so expect to see expanded offerings in both areas.


Q7:  Sandra is interested to know if US Eagle is engaging with any other Cooperatives in New Mexico.

A:  Great question! We do partner with several cooperatives in New Mexico including CU SAFE and CU Anytime.  Our US Eagle Foundation is also exploring cooperative opportunities throughout the state that would benefit our communities.  And, we will continue to include this topic in our strategic considerations for the future.

Thank you to all our member who submitted questions.  





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