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The U.S. Eagle Difference

Jan 31, 2019, 14:42 PM by User Not Found

Principles serve as nice "talking points." Putting them into action takes guts. It sometimes requires us to set aside the "bottom line" in favor of what’s right. It means making room in our hearts and minds to help people instead of making a buck.  The recent Federal Government shutdown has affected nearly 29,000 Federal employees in New Mexico. It’s tested our ability to "walk the talk" of our Seven Cooperative Principles. In this case, No. 7, Concern For Community.  

Since the beginning of the shutdown that began on December 22, U.S. Eagle has made 90-day interest-free loans to both our existing members and those who should be, waived access fees to funds, payment penalties, and extended loan terms free-of-charge. To date, we have helped nearly 500 people with a total of more than $600,000 in financial benefit. Does it make the "books" look good? Absolutely not. But is it the right thing to do? We feel – and say – yes.

“U.S. Eagle’s focus will always be of service to our members and communities. When they struggle, we will do our best to lift them up. It was an easy call for us to offer relief during the Federal Government shutdown and we will continue to support our community should the need arise in the near future. People matter more than numbers; this is the U.S. Eagle difference,” said President and CEO, Marsha Majors.

There are very few differences between credit unions and banks in terms of services but there are important differences in other areas. We’re not asking you to choose between a credit union or a bank. But honestly ask yourself if a bank – attempting to answer to its thousands of shareholders instead of its members – would do the same thing and which organization you’d prefer to be a part of.

Concern For Community is listed as No. 7 on the list of Seven Cooperative Principles. But it could be the most important one.

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