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Building Cash For The Risk-Adverse

Mar 19, 2019, 14:38 PM by JV Zamora


You’re thinking, ‘This guy had it all. A beautiful view from a nice, sturdy platform and he jumped anyway.’

‘What is wrong with HIM?!’

Now, depending on how you feel about saving your money, some people have no problem jumping into things like the stock market to make their money grow. Others – and I’m one of them – would rather rely on the tried-and-true. This is called your ‘level of risk tolerance’ – and my meter’s set pretty low. If you’re like me, this is called being ‘risk adverse.’

So, what are the options for people like us?

Savings accounts, money markets? Sure. But what if I have a few extra bucks I don’t necessarily need to touch for a little bit (and yes, this is where that tax return comes in handy).

I’m talking share certificates (also called CDs) – and not just any share certificate but a LADDER CERTIFICATE. A low-to-no risk proposition where five different share certificates are combined, giving you a guaranteed return that keep ‘turning over,’ gathering wealth until you decide to cash them in without ever breaking one drop of worry sweat.

And it just so happens, there’s a SPECIAL type of ladder certificate out there. Usually, each of the certificates in the ‘bundle’ comes with a different term (how long each certificate is held to give you your return) with the shorter terms offering the lower rates. This is why it’s called a ‘ladder.’

But how about, instead of waiting for the smaller rates to grow-up and become bigger ones, you could get the BIGGEST RATE across ALL of your CDs? At U.S. Eagle, that’s EXACTLY what we offer. That’s right – MORE money, SOONER.

So, if you’re interested in a safe way to save more, there’s no better time than now (with that little bit of extra cash on-hand) with a U.S. Eagle Share Certificate Ladder. Give us a call, swing by or visit us online to learn more.

Saving money and making it grow doesn’t need to be risky or painful – unlike the guy in the picture. Because, to be honest, we don’t really know what happened to him…

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