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Financial Literacy Programs - Are you one of the 94%?

Jul 15, 2019, 11:30 AM by Olga Melancon
Are you one of the 94%

If you’re into statistics, here are some startling ones: 94% of Americans couldn’t correctly answer 11 multiple choice questions on basic financial literacy, less than 17% of U.S. parents say they’ve spoken to their kids about money, 84% of high school graduates wished their parents had or that their schools had offered financial literacy courses.

At U.S. Eagle, we want to help change that – because we know good money management skills reduce stress and lead to a happy, healthier life.

This year, we’ve launched two financial literacy programs – EverFi  for adult learners for tips on how to better manage their financial lives and another for kids and teens, Banzai! to give them a solid introduction to financial practices they can use throughout their lives.

And to help those 84% of high school students who wish they’d had financial literacy courses offered to them, your credit union has engaged with educators in 40 area schools to supply them with the critical learning tools and materials they need – FREE of charge.

And they’re FREE for you to use, too. As a member benefit, we’ve paid the fees for you because we believe people mean more. Just click on the links above to begin using them. It’s part of our effort to create a world where people matter more than numbers.

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