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Data Breaches Continue to Make Headlines: Here's What You Should Know

Aug 12, 2019, 16:06 PM by Olga Melancon

Data Breaches Continue to Make Headlines

Businesses both large and small continue to make headlines for data security incidents. For example, Capital One recently revealed that they experienced a data breach, potentially impacting 100 million individuals. And if you live in New Mexico, you probably also heard Presbyterian Healthcare Services experienced a data breach. But, before we go any further, we want to assure you that no U.S. Eagle data is part of these breaches. However, you should always stay aware and alert when there is breaking news about data breaches, so you can better protect yourself and your family.

About the Presbyterian Healthcare & Capital One Data Breaches

Capital One has created a website where consumers can get more information on the situation. In addition, Capital One says they will notify affected individuals through a variety of channels and will make free credit monitoring and identity protection available to everyone affected.  

More information on the Presbyterian data breach can be found on their website, including the scope of the incident and what information may have been exposed.

How U.S. Eagle Can Help After a Data Breach

We take the security of your finances and personal identity seriously, which is why we provide a variety of fraud protection programs and resources to help you protect your information in the event of a data breach:

  • Visa Zero Liability protection – your U.S. Eagle Visa® debit card and credit card come backed with Visa’s Zero Liability Protection. This means you won’t be held liable if your card number is used without your permission.
  • U.S. Eagle’s Fraud Prevention Department – this is your credit union’s internal department that combats fraudulent activity, identify scammer’s schemes and tactics, and keep your paycheck where it belongs. If you have any questions concerning fraud or think you may be a victim of fraud, call U.S. Eagle’s Fraud Prevention Department at (505) 342-8871.
  • Names and Contact Information for Credit Reporting Agencies – did you know you are entitled to receive a free credit report from each of the three credit reporting agencies every year? By staggering the reports throughout the year, you can continuously monitor your personal and financial identity.
  • Online educational resources – learn how to protect yourself from consumer fraud and identity theft by watching our short 5-minute video, available in our new Financial Wellness Center.

To provide you the latest news and tips about fraud protection, we add new security content to our blog and social media channels every month.  Stay Informed, stay alert, and always review your account statements and transactions. Together, we can fight back at the fraudsters!

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