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Hidden Money: Simple Ways to Save Money

Oct 18, 2019, 01:00 AM by Olga Melancon
Hand cutting dollar bill in half with scissors

You know that feeling? The feeling you get when you find money in a pair of pants you haven’t worn in a while? Get ready to do your happy dance – by cutting these common, yet overlooked expenses, you’ll find money in your budget you never knew you had: 

Save Money on Food

  • Pack a lunch. Even just going out for lunch twice a week can add up to $1,040 per year if you’re averaging $10 for each lunch.
  • Buying in bulk isn’t always better. Buy only what you need – its money wasted if you must throw away food that has gone bad.
  • Ditch the soda. Trim your grocery cost and your waistline at the same time!

Free Entertainment Ideas

  • Search free. Look for free entertainment alternatives such as going for a walk, having picnics in the park, or seeking out free local events open to the public.
  • Use the library. Rather than spending money on books, borrow them from your local public library for free!
  • Skip the gym. There are plenty of other ways you can get a workout in. Enjoy the great outdoors by running or walking outside. Elastic bands and weights are inexpensive and can be easily done from home.

Save on Energy

Change your thermostat. Adjust your heating and cooling to lower your energy costs throughout the year. A blanket or small fan may be the key to staying comfortable during transition months.

Get efficient. Replace all light bulbs with energy-efficient ones. If you have the room in your budget, consider replacing home appliances and electronics with energy-efficient versions.

Unplug it. Unplugging your electronics when they’re not in use can keep them from putting out electricity from the outlet, even when they’re turned off.

While there are other areas you can look for additional ways to save money, the 3 categories mentioned above tend to be the easiest to start off with. Ready to discover more hidden money? Visit our Monthly Budget module in our Financial Wellness Center to help you identify other opportunities!  

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