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3 Money-Saving Tricks for a Happier Halloween

Oct 25, 2019, 06:00 AM
Three white ghosts

What’s scarier than the ghosts and ghouls haunting your neighborhood for candy this Halloween? The $9 billion dollars Americans spent on Halloween last year! But not to fear, for there are many spooktacular ways to save during this fun holiday:

Choose a Low-Budget Halloween Costume

The average cost of a Halloween costume rings in at a whopping $70. Multiply that for a family of four and you’re looking at $280 for outfits you’ll likely only wear once, maybe twice. But you may already have everything you need to create a memorable costume right in your own home! Or you might be able to get just what you need very inexpensively. Dig through your closet, borrow from friends and family or visit your nearest thrift store to create your one-of-a-kind (yet affordable) costume. 

Decorate for Halloween on a Budget

Chances are, last year’s Halloween decorations are still fine. Think it might not be quite enough? You’d be surprised at just how many Halloween decorations you can make quickly and cheaply; with items you already have lying around your home. For example, make cobwebs from cotton balls and tombstones from cardboard. Not to mention, lighting a candle creates the perfect eerie glow for Halloween.

Make Last Minute Pumpkin Purchases

Although you may not get the “cream of the crop,” you will save some money if you wait to purchase your pumpkins just a few days before Halloween. Plus, you won’t have to worry about the pumpkins going bad before Halloween rolls around.  

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