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Security Alert: Typosquatting & Election Scams

Jan 6, 2020, 01:00 AM
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If you make a typo while trying to key in your favorite website, you may be opening yourself up to an increasing scam, called typosquatting. Fraudsters create websites similar in name and appearance to legitimate, popular websites, taking advantage of misspellings and accidental keystrokes. And with 2020 being an election year, typosquatting is only expected to increase.

According to researchers at Digital Shadows, more than 550 fake websites for Democratic and Republican candidates have been discovered. And sixty-eight percent of those sites were created to intentionally lure people to malicious or phony websites. The intent is to get you to divulge personal information they can use to steal from you or commit identity theft. And in some cases, the hacker(s) may create a site that downloads malicious software once you visit the page.

How can you guard yourself against this type of theft? For starters, check the name of the site you have typed in before pressing the “enter” button on your keyboard or device. Bookmarking your commonly used websites and updating your anti-virus software regularly will also help considerably. Also, be careful when clicking links shared in texts, emails, and on social media. It can be very difficult to tell when a message is part of a phishing scam.

Looking for more ways to protect yourself from scams? Visit our Fraud Protection page and our blog for more tips to help you stay safe.

SOURCES: Stickley on Security

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