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Your January Financial Checklist

Jan 6, 2020, 14:23 PM
January Calendar

With the start of a new year, we ‘re all eager to develop better habits. After a week or two of sugary treats and rich meals, bring on the salads and steamed veggies! And after a month of spending, we want nothing more than to get our financial house in order. If you've made some financial New Year's resolutions this year, our January checklist can help you organize your finances for a better year ahead:

Automate your savings. No matter your savings goals, it’s important to be consistent. Stay on track by setting up an automatic transfer to your savings account with every paycheck you receive. Monitor your savings and make transfers between your accounts through Online and Mobile Banking.

Stick to a budget. Creating a budget is much easier than sticking to a budget, and as a result, many attempts at curbing spending fall flat. Set yourself up for success by adding a budget to your financial checklist this month. Explore your monthly fixed and flexible expenses and identify areas for additional saving using our monthly budget tool.

Learn how to tackle basic maintenance. Unexpected home or car repairs can end up costing a lot if you’re not prepared. In addition to having an emergency fund, you can save a lot by teaching yourself basic maintenance skills. There are plenty of books on fixing simple plumbing problems for example. And luckily, if you’re not much of a reader, there’s a YouTube video for everything from changing your car’s oil to carpeting your bedroom. 

Check out a Financial Wellness Playlist (or two). Financial literacy is an important part of achieving overall financial wellness. Learn more about managing your finances by checking out our online financial wellness tutorials, so you can get the answers you need, when and how you need them.   

Another great way you can build better financial habits is by checking back in on the U.S. Eagle blog. New posts are added regularly that cover topics like money-saving tips, fraud protection, and more.

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