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Super Savings for the Super Bowl

Jan 24, 2020, 12:37 PM
Football field with two football helmets

It’s almost time for the big game. But is it possible to throw a Super Bowl party without wrecking your budget? The answer is: of course! You don’t have to spend a lot to have a great time when you’re cheering on your favorite team this weekend. Here are 3 money-saving tips to hosting a great Super Bowl party:

Food and drinks. When it comes to your Super Bowl party menu, there’s no reason why you, the host, should feel obligated to prepare (and purchase) everything. Instead, go with a pot-luck style party. Same goes for adult beverages, as this can easily be the most expensive part of having people over to watch the big game. Have your guests concoct their own drinks and then hold a tasting during halftime.

Coordinating things can be as simple as sending out a group text, creating your own social media event, or simply assigning responsibilities ahead of time. Not only will everyone know what they need to do, it will also alleviate any concern about item overlap.

Nice-to-haves vs. necessities. Let’s be honest – are your guests really going to remember all the decorations or other accessories used to embellish your party space? Skip the expensive decorations and focus on what really matters: good food and good times. If you absolutely need to decorate, hang a few colored balloons or string crepe paper.

Entertainment: Chances are, between the big game, half-time, socializing, and the delicious food and drinks being served, you’ll have all the entertainment you need. However, adding some additional entertainment is not only affordable, but a great way to make your Super Bowl gathering memorable.

Consider Super Bowl Trivia, Rate That Super Bowl Commercial (numbered signs glued to popsicle sticks), or Super Bowl Hot Potato. You can find all of these and more affordable game ideas on Pinterest. 

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