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3 Frugal Moves That Aren't Worth It

Feb 3, 2020, 10:53 AM
Mom and two daughters clipping coupons

Being frugal isn’t about bare bones living. It’s about making wise choices while living well. Sometimes your comfort, your health, or your long-term happiness are more important than saving a few dollars. Here are 3 frugal moves that may not be worth the time (or hassle):

  1. The Ramen Noodle Diet. Limiting yourself to just a handful of affordable ingredients is a bad move for your health. Things like Ramen noodles, rice and beans, and pasta tend to be high in starch and fat, and don’t offer a whole lot of nutritional value. In the long run, these types of diets tend to cost you more in health expenses. You CAN eat healthy even on a tight budget.
  2. Coupon Clipping. Spending hours on a couponing strategy could work against your long-term financial success. In the end, it may feel like you’re saving a lot, but, it’s only because you’re putting in so much effort when you could be spending your time doing something else.  There is however an easy way to save, without the endless coupon clipping - It’s called The Perks.  
  3. DIY Home Repairs. There is a fine line between “money-saving” and downright dangerous. Clogged toilet? Do-It-Yourself. Need to re-wire your home? Call an electrician. There’s a huge safety risk, as well as a good chance you won’t do the job correctly with larger, more complex repairs. Not to mention, it may end up costing you more money in the long run if something major goes wrong.

If these money saving tips are worth skipping, where can you find financial advice that’s worth your time? Visit our Financial Wellness Center for free resources that will help you build financial literacy skills. We also regularly share money saving tips on the U.S. Eagle Blog

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