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Green Tips for a Sustainable Lifestyle

Apr 14, 2020, 21:23 PM
Earth smiling

While April has been deemed Earth month, going green may be on your mind. Eco-friendly living can save you money while helping the planet. But contrary to popular belief, an eco-friendly lifestyle doesn't need to be difficult. Try these easy tips and tricks that'll make you — and the earth — proud.

Set a Green Example

  • Start a family “go-green fund.” Review your previous water, gas and electric bills. Motivate the family to use fewer of these resources by tracking the savings together. Spend the money you save on a fun, family activity or open a savings account to amass for future events.
  • Build a compost bin together. Keep a smaller one in your kitchen for easy disposal of food scraps.
  • Change the way you gift. Create your own wrapping paper or gift bags out of magazines, scrap cloth or newspaper.

Reduce Your Financial Carbon Footprint

  • Switch to eStatements. By saving paper, postage and delivery costs, you're helping the environment in multiple ways and making your monthly account tracking so much easier for yourself as well.
  • Recycle your paperwork. Whenever you sign up for new accounts, there is generally paperwork that you save for a certain amount of time. Once that paperwork is no longer needed, be sure that you shred and recycle it rather than just tossing it in the garbage.
  • Sign up for Online and Mobile Banking. By using Online Banking to transfer money and pay your bills, you can save paper from your branch receipts, save gas from your drive to the branch and as an added bonus, saves time!

Go Green at Home

  • Now that things are blooming, water wisely. If you must water plants, do it early in the morning before the sun causes evaporation. Collect and use rainwater for your garden. This will also save you money every month on your water bill!
  • Clean with what you have in your pantry. You’d be surprised what lemon juice, baking soda and vinegar can do.
  • Show your windows some love. As drafty windows leak heat or coolness and drive up your energy bills, grab a caulking gun and squirt around the window frames to prevent seepage. Plus, home projects are a good way to avoid cabin fever during stay at home orders.
  • Harness the Power of the Sun. Look into what alternative energy sources are available to supply energy to your home. Apply for one of our Solar Loans and get the support you need from planning to installation of solar panels.
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