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Calling All Bargain Hunters

Jan 11, 2021, 12:07 PM

Someone holding a phone with shopping discounts

Remember when the days of coupon clipping was a novel idea? As more of us look for ways to do things digitally, it’s no surprise that thousands of deals on shopping, dining, travel and more are as close (and easy to find) as the phone in your pocket or the laptop on your desk. Here are some ways to find and score deals so you can save some cash (minus the coupon clipping):

Sign up for text or email deals. Are Friday nights pizza and a movie night at your house? On a first name-basis with your favorite local retailer? It may be worth signing up for promotional emails and texts from places you and your family frequent to watch for deals and exclusives. Just remember to be judicious when you share your phone number and email address and unsubscribe if messages become more of a hassle than helpful.

Digital Coupons with the Perks™ Mobile App. What is the Perks™ Mobile app? We’re glad you asked. Our Perks™ Mobile App provides you access to over 400,000 local and national discounts on shopping, dining and travel and more with your Perks Checking™ account. On average, members see a savings of $1,700 a year.1 And oh yeah – remember when we said you could sign up for text and email deals? There’s a good chance your favorite stop is already part of the Perks™ savings network, so that may not even be necessary.

Still not convinced? Give it a try (for free and without an account) for 60-days . If you don’t like it, simply stop using it. If you still want access to the savings, it’s as easy as opening your new Perks™ checking account – which comes with a lot of other everyday benefits you will actually use!

Abandon your shopping cart. Say what? Yes, even though your mileage may vary with this one it never hurts to try. Some national retailers are rumored to offer a percentage off the day after you abandon your cart. The catch is to make sure you are logged in to your account so they can find you via email to let you know they are offering you a discount.

Set a Google Alert. This is an easy way to compare online prices, by setting a price you would be willing to pay on an item. Enter your item’s exact name, for example “iPhone X” followed by a realistic price range so it looks like this — be sure to include quotation marks:

“iPhone X $1…$850”

Select “As-it-Happens” if you want to score a deal that might go quickly. Once you have this set up, channel your patience, and wait for Google to email you about your deal.

1. Average savings calculated on historical data compiled by StrategyCorps/Bazing. Average of 34% savings on daily purchases (average total of $1,700 per year) and $88 per month on respective coverage plans. Individual results may vary.
Must meet qualifications to open U.S. Eagle checking account including credit union membership by opening a $5 share account. All benefits inclusive based on checking account type. 
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