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Easy Ways to Save Money in the Summer

Jun 7, 2021, 17:07 PM

Sumertime Savings

Summer can be the best time for going on a vacation or hosting a cookout with friends and family, when the kids are out of school and the temperature is poolside ready. This can also mean that there are higher costs associated during the warmer months. Here are some smaller-scale tips & tricks that you can try this summer to add some extra cash in your savings account.


Wash your clothes in cold water and dry them outside.

Did you know that 90% of the energy used by washing machines goes to water heating? By using cold water instead of warm, you could cut each laundry load’s energy use in half! Once the wash is completed, try drying your clothes outside (if space permits and you have access to hanging up items). If you cannot hang your clothes outside, try using your dryer on a low heat setting. 


Turn off the air conditioning.

We know it’s tempting to stand in front of the air conditioning with the cool air in your face. You don’t have to suffer through the gruesome heat. However, there are times that the air does not always need to stay on. When you are home, shut all doors to rooms you aren’t using. Less square footage means less space to cool off, meaning more savings! Make sure to set your ceiling fans counterclockwise so cool air pushes downward. You can utilize the fans in addition to opening a few windows and turning off the air on cooler nights. Make sure to shut the windows in the morning to keep all the cool air in from the previous night.


Unplug home electronics.

Energy consumption occurs even when you’re not using an electronic, meaning that these gadgets are constantly adding to your electric bill. By unplugging your coffee maker, toaster, phone charger, computer, and even your electric toothbrush you’ll be doing yourself a favor reducing energy usage of devices that you aren’t using at the time.


Pause your gym membership for three months.

Many gyms allow you to “freeze” your membership for several months at a time. By taking a break from monthly payments, you can instead tuck that extra $150-$200 into savings while doing home workouts. Take advantage of the perfect summer morning weather and do yoga in the backyard. Or download an app to try a new fitness routine in the living room.


Digital Coupons with the Perks™ Mobile App.

Driving around looking for some ice cream to help cool off? Or maybe you’re not feeling like cooking tonight and want to get a pizza for the family? With the Perks™ Mobile app, you’ll have access to countless local dining options (as well as shopping and travel options) with your Perks Checking™ account. Give it a try (for free and without an account) for 60-days and start your local savings today!



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