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Announcing this year's enrichEd® Grant Program Recipients

Oct 1, 2021, 15:49 PM

US Eagle believes that every student should have access to the resources they need to thrive in school. That's why we have created the enrichEd® classroom grant program to allow teachers to invest in items that enhance the classroom experience.

US Eagle's Flight Crew reviewed 62 applications and selected ten schools to receive the $1,000 Classroom Grant. Selections were based on creativity, need, and the number of students served.

Congratulations to our 2021 enrichEd®Classroom Grant recipients, located throughout Bernalillo, Cibola, San Juan, Sandoval, and Santa Fe County. Many of the grants are helping to fund unique learning experiences and enable more effective learning environments through a diverse array of approaches.

Amy Biehl Community School in Santa Fe will be building a sustainable and reusable book collection that accommodates elementary students on varying reading levels. This library will offer a variety of genres and include 50 books above-grade level, 50 books below-grade level, and 50 books at grade level. All labeled and organized books will be a sustainable resource for years to come!

The Career Enrichment Center in Albuquerque received the enrichEd®grant for their innovative Cosmetology project. The students will engage in project-based learning by making handcrafted soaps and lip balms with natural ingredients such as aromatherapy oils, flowers, and other minerals beneficial for skin and lips. They will begin with a budget of $1,000 and create a business plan that details their costs, time, and potential revenue. Upon completing the handcrafted soaps and lip balms, the students will donate their products to the McKinney-Vento Homeless Project through Albuquerque Public Schools.

The goal for the Cosmetology students at the Career Enrichment Center is to introduce the students to all phases of Cosmetology and create entrepreneurial minds where the students can utilize their current skill set as they learn new skills. The students in this department have the opportunity to complete nearly half of their required hours for beauty school while engaging in hands-on learning and fulfilling their high school elective credits. This project is not only requiring students to apply their knowledge but also to engage in the community in which we all live.

Country Club Elementary School in Farmington will be filling the classroom with a variety of games and kits that will allow them to learn science, engineering, math, and technology skills (STEM). These hands-on materials will encourage students to engage in hands on challenges that will help develop their range of skills to understand concepts that will help them succeed in the future.

Early College Academy in Albuquerque will be using their awarded grant funds toward making their school campus beautiful with art murals and banner exhibits. Paint4Peace Club is committed to creating images of peace and positivity during the ongoing pandemic and will do so with their new materials. One project the club will complete, is an indoor mural for the P.E. space, which will focus on strength, health, and well-being!

Esperanza Elementary School in Farmington is utilizing the funds to build a greenhouse for their school. Students will grow plant starters in the spring and sell them to families and the community to begin home gardens to help pay for field trip expenses, school supplies, and rewards for positive student behavior. 

The entire school will use the green house and outdoor learning space to give students hands-on opportunities to grow plants and learn about agriculture. Teachers will utilize the garden in science, inquiry, math, literacy, and social-emotional learning. 

Enchanted Hills Elementary in Rio Rancho received the enrichEd® grant to fund the classroom economy! Students will learn the processes of filling out a check, balancing a checkbook, and withdrawing and depositing money. Students will also be able to earn money for completing assignments and jobs, which they can allocate toward rent and spending money at the student store. These invaluable life skills will help prepare students for real life by learning how to responsibly manage money and save.

Hayes Magnet School in Albuquerque will utilize their awarded funds toward a Financial Literacy program for 6th, 7th, and 8th graders at the school.  Students will learn the importance of money by enrolling in a stock market program, learning from guest speakers, and taking field trips to financial institutions. Through their class bank, students will learn how to borrow, save, and invest.

Heights Middle School in Farmington is incorporating solar technology into teaching students about transmitting the power of the sun into energy used to power LED lights, homes, and vehicles! Students will learn an understanding of renewable resources, focusing on the sun, and electrical systems. With these skills, they will then carry out experiments based with solar panels and create a solar-powered vehicle to compete in a race. The completed models will be presented and demonstrated to neighboring elementary schools, sharing knowledge with other students.

Mandela International Magnet School in Santa Fe, will equip their new Design classroom with light hand and power tools appropriate for middle school students and materials for building prototypes. Design is a new class for the school and is required by the International Baccalaureate. Students will be able to apply practical and creative thinking by designing products to meet various needs across the campus.

The new Design classroom will be a safe and well-resourced space where the students will be able to produce high-quality, innovative solutions to various design challenges. They will also be able to use the space and the tools to build items for use in other classrooms, such as props for theater class, organizers for the art classrooms, compost bins for lunch scraps, etc.

Tony Hillerman Middle School in Albuquerque has a class dedicated to video announcements, keeping students up to date on daily news, after school clubs, and other important messages. The middle school students of this production will purchase up-to-date technology to efficiently and effectively present their daily announcements. The grant will impact the whole team, which includes script writers, anchors, weather and camera people.


New Grant opportunities for the enrichEd® Classroom Grant Program will be announced in August 2022 at


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