It Pays to Have Friends. 

$50 for you.
$50 for them.

When you refer friends and
family to US Eagle.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Enter your email address in the line below.
    (remember to use the email address associated with your US Eagle membership)

  2. You’ll receive an email with a custom link you can share with the people you’re referring.
    (you can share this link via email, social messaging, text – however you best reach-out to friends and family, up to 25 at a time)

  3. You’ll get $50 when they start their membership and open an account with US Eagle.
    (when your referral opens any checking account with direct deposit, or a certificate, loan, or credit card)*

  4. They’ll get $50 when they meet the new member and account opening criteria.
    (see link below for terms and conditions)

You’ll receive follow-up emails on the status of your referrals.

A happy cha-ching for everyone!

We love it when great members like you refer great, new members. And we’ll reward you for it.

Enter the email associated with your US Eagle membership below
to start sharing the great news!

Frequently Asked Questions

While each shareable link provided may be used for up to 25 simultaneous referrals, the number of referrals you may make is unlimited. 10 successful referrals = $500, 20 = $1,000, 50 = $2,500, etc. More referrals means more rewards, so feel free to keep sharing!

Each new member, however, may only be referred once. But then they’ll have unlimited referral sharing, too after their first 30 days of membership.

Your $50 reward will be deposited into your initial (oldest, if you have more than one) membership share account within 30 days after your referral becomes a member and then opens a checking account, certificate, loan (excluding indirect loans), or credit card. The person you refer will receive their $50 reward after 30 days of becoming a member and meeting their account opening criteria. See the terms and conditions link for specific details.

You may check on the status of your referrals at any time. You’ll see a link on this page and on the Welcome email you’ll receive called ‘My Stats.’ By clicking on that link and filling in your email address, you’ll receive an update email.

By opting in to receive messages (small checkbox by the email entry space above), you’ll receive follow-up communications from our partner Extole regarding the status of your referrals.

First, check your spam/junk folder for the Welcome email you’ll receive after making your referral. If you’re unable to locate it, return to the share experience on the landing page, enter your email again and generate a new share link. We’ll be able to connect and track your referrals even if you have multiple share links.

The $50 reward will only be received by both parties based on successfully meeting the membership and account opening criteria.

Each new member referral bonus is awarded once to the person making the referral (current member) and once to the new member. Which unique share link the new member referral uses will determine the rewarded parties.

The shareable link you receive by submitting your email must be used to make a referral.

Yes, and we’d very much appreciate any business member referrals you’d be willing to make. Like personal membership referrals, businesses members may only be referred once and the business membership and account opening criteria mirror those of personal membership to achieve the bonus reward.

Terms, qualifications, and conditions apply. Please click above to view full Terms & Conditions.