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Wire Payments/Transfers

How do I send or receive
Wire Payments?

Wires allow money to be moved quickly and securely without the need to exchange cash. They allow two parties to transfer funds even if they're in different (geographic) locations safely. A transfer is usually initiated from one bank or financial institution to another.

To send a Wire to another financial institution, we require the wiring instructions from the other financial institution. Written authorization is required to send both Domestic and International Wires.

To request a Wire Form, please call (505) 342-8888, visit your nearest US Eagle branch, or schedule an appointment.

Fees apply and vary by type of Wire Transfer. Please see our Member Fee Schedule. There is no cost for wire transfers sent to US Eagle from another institution.

Domestic Wire

The Domestic Wire Transfer Form allows you to send or accept money to and from most financial institutions within the United States.

International Wires

The International Wire Transfer Form allows you to send or accept money to and from most financial institutions outside the United States.

To Wire Funds Into A US Eagle Account

To receive a domestic or international wire into a US Eagle account, you will need to provide the originating institution with the following information:


ABA # 307083652

(US Eagle is not an international institution; therefore, we do not have a SWIFT code. If asked, please provide US Eagle's routing number: 307083652)

Beneficiary Name (member or joint owner must match the account information)

Account Number

*$25 fee to open US Eagle Personal Checking Accounts. Must meet membership requirements including $5 deposit share. Fees vary based on checking account type and Wire services. Data fees may be charged by your wireless provider for mobile banking applications. See US Eagle for details.

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