Mean More®

What does that mean? As New Mexico’s longest-standing, member-owned credit union, we will always put the needs of people first. We are not-for-profit. That means you’re not a number – and you won’t be treated like one. We are here to provide you the best, award-winning banking experience you’ll find anywhere. Learn more.

Pay with Points

Pay for qualified purchases with the points you have already earned from using your US Eagle Platinum Credit Card.

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Classroom Grant 

$20,000 in grants for public and charter schools (K-12). 

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$250 for Your
Auto Loan*

New, used, or refinance when you bring
your loan to us.

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ID Theft Aid

Save up to $240 a year on coverage with Perks® Checking.*

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Fuel with Points

2,000 points = $.50 off per gallon, up to 20 gallons!

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The Get-It-Done
Home Equity Loan

Rates as low
as 6.24% APR.*

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It Pays to Have Friends. 

$50 for you and $50 for your friends & family when they open a US Eagle account.*

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Support Disabled Vets. 

By simply making purchases with your METAL Card.*

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Members Saved 
$64.3 Million in 2022

How much could you save? We’ve made it easy for you to find out. Use our member savings calculator below to learn how much you could save with us.

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It Pays to
Have Friends.

$50 for you. $50 for them.

When you refer your friends and family to US Eagle!*

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