Our History

We’re New Mexico’s longest-standing, member-owned credit union. But, like many businesses, we started out small – as in really small.

So, how did we grow?

First, by being stable. We have a history of making solid decisions and maintaining a financial position that makes sense. We’ve been here – and always will be – to serve multiple generations of members.

But probably most important of all, we’ve never wavered from our belief that ‘people mean more.’ Always have, always will. That’s what being a not-for-profit, member-owned financial institution is all about. And it’s demonstrated in our award-winning service, commitment to community as well the savings and life advantages we create for our members.

We feel where you do your banking is more than a destination, it should be a place where you feel good about the people you’re doing your banking with.

We've captured some of that passion in a compilation of photos, stories, and milestones we’ve reached since 1935. We hope you enjoy the journey as much as we have.

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Image of US Eagle Credit Union History Cover

If you have additional information or noticed that we missed a date or big event, please send your comments to cuhistory@useagle.org.

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