Membership Has Its Benefits.

Do you have a membership rewards program? Yes, we do. It’s called MEMPERX® and it rewards you with higher dividends on your share certificates and lower rates on your loans based on your US Eagle relationship. And you don’t have to ask for them. These increases and decreases happen automatically as you expand your relationship.*

Get A 0.15% APY Increase on Share Certificates and APR Decrease on Loans IF:

You have an existing checking account that has
activity within the last 30 days.

Activity is defined as any deposit or withdrawal to/from the account.


Get A 0.15% APY Increase on Share Certificates and APR Decrease on Loans IF:

You’ve been a member for at least three years.

Length of membership includes any account the Primary member is a joint member on.
Trust accounts are not included.


Get A 0.15% APY Increase on Share Certificates and APR Decrease on Loans IF:

The combined total of your deposits and loan balances equal $100,000+.

*MemPerx subject to terms and conditions. Not eligible for all promotions and products. Decreased member relationship will result in MemPerx benefits decrease. MemPerx is not an obligation or guaranteed service. Bump Rate Certificates are not eligible for MemPerx. Eligibility on regular member loans only. Decreases on business loans are excluded. Other loan decreases excluded from MemPerx: Credit Cards, CU Safe Loans, Eagle Relief Loans, Holiday Loans, Home Equity Loans and Lines of Credit (HELOC), Home Loans, Indirect Auto Loans, Personal Loans, Share Secured Loans, Solar Loans (Merchant and Direct). Must qualify for US Eagle membership to open accounts including $5 share deposit. Monthly fees may apply based on checking account type. $25 minimum opening deposit required for US Eagle checking accounts. See US Eagle for complete details.

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