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Is financial wellness happiness?

We strongly feel it is – and financial wellness isn’t about how much money you have, it’s about making the most of what you do have to live a healthier, happier, less-stressed life.

Financial Wellness is important to us because it’s important to you. That’s why we offer these services for free. US Eagle is fully committed to creating financial opportunity for everyone.*

Would you like one-to-one, personal, confidential coaching?

Our certified Financial Wellness Coaches (FWCs) will meet with you on your time for as many sessions as you’d like.

Instead of random bits of information and advice from the Internet, why not turn to people who have the experience and knowledge you can trust? We can help you build a financial wellness framework – with everything from household budgeting tips, to creating savings, judging big purchase decisions and more.

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Or do you prefer to learn online?

These free, online, self-paced interactive modules cover key financial concepts such as saving, investing, credit scores, and home-buying. They’re short (2 – 7 minutes in length), are mobile, desktop and tablet accessible and are designed for your busy lifestyle. Available in English and Spanish versions.

For kids and teens.

Oftentimes, financial literacy is not required in school, and it can be a difficult topic to discuss. Banzai! Is a free, fun, online and interactive way to begin building a lifetime of financial wellness.

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Get a free credit report.

A helpful tip. Check your credit score once per year – for free and without penalty – at Credit reports may affect your mortgage rates, credit card approvals, apartment applications, or even your job application. Additionally, reviewing credit reports helps you catch signs of identity theft early.

To continuously protect your identity, we recommend that you periodically obtain credit reports from each nationwide credit reporting agency. Below are the names and contact information for those agencies:

BankOn Burque

US Eagle is proudly certified by Cities For Financial Empowerment Fund with FlexChecking as part of the Bank On platform. We support local banking access efforts to ensure everyone has a safe and affordable banking account available to them.

To learn more about this initiative, click here.

*Financial wellness programs and Financial Wellness Coach certification in collaboration and partnership with EverFi, Inc. and Banzai!, Inc. Consult a licensed financial advisor for long-term personal financial planning and investments. Links above and information contained therein are for resource use only. US Eagle does not endorse or assume liability for the information provided.

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