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Overdraft Fees

No More Overdraft Fees. Period.

Let’s face it. One of the biggest hassles with any checking account is overdraft fees. Especially when it comes to checking accounts that call themselves ‘free.’ 

So we’re flat-out getting rid of overdraft fees.

At US Eagle, we’re proud to offer checking accounts with the most value you’ll find anywhere.

So you now have a clear choice:
keep paying overdraft fees to get less or don’t pay useless fees and get more.

Why are you the first to do this?

It’s simple. We’re a co-op. It means you own US Eagle versus shareholders we need to make money for. At 80,000+ members strong, our financial strength allows us to do even more for our member-owners. The stronger we become together, the more financial advantages we’re able to provide our members. That’s something we’ve never forgotten and one of the reasons US Eagle is New Mexico’s longest-standing, member-owned credit union. People mean more than profits at US Eagle.

Really? On all of your checking accounts?

Yup. Including our business checking accounts.

So what’s better about your checking accounts (besides no overdraft fees)?

Let’s start with the free stuff on our Perks® and Perks Plus® Checking Accounts.1

Free Anywhere Banking Tools On All Checking AccountsOnline Banking, Bill Pay, Zelle®2,3, Remote Deposit Capture3, Mobile App3 – complete 24/7 banking.

Free Mobile Phone Protection4Break your phone, lose your phone, use it as a floatation device – whatever. You’re covered up to $600 per claim up to twice a year when your cell service is paid through your US Eagle checking account.

Free 24/7 Roadside Assistance CoverageLast thing you need out in the middle of nowhere is car trouble, running out of gas or locking your keys in your car. This service covers up to $80 of service costs each time you use it and you can use it as many times as you want. Great if you’re worried about having your kids out on the road.

Free Perks® Savings AppHow would you like to save on the stuff you already buy? The Perks® Savings App is saving US Eagle members around $1,000 a year.5

Free ID Theft Aid4ID theft and especially credit card fraud has doubled since last year.6 You’ll get the help you need to put things right.

Free Health Savings Card4Healthcare can cost you – especially if you have a family. Get discounts on everything from prescriptions to eye exams and more with your Perks® Savings App.

There’s even more free stuff. But you get the idea.

We also have other checking accounts like Life Essentials® that covers the checking account basics and FlexChecking® for those who are trying to establish credit or may find it difficult to get a checking account elsewhere.

So how does this work?

Pretty much like it always has – just no overdraft fees. If you don’t have Courtesy Pay, your payment may be declined for not having sufficient funds in your account. Except now, you won’t be charged a non-sufficient funds (NSF) fee that drives your account further into the negative. However, we can’t control what certain vendors do on their end by charging you a fee for a returned payment, etc. 

If you have Courtesy Pay, we may cover your charge up to $500 for members who’ve been with us up to five years and up to $1,000 for members who’ve been with us more than five years. All accounts in good standing are automatically enrolled in Courtesy Pay after 90 days of opening your checking account. US Eagle membership requirements include a $5 share deposit. You do have to choose to enroll in Courtesy Pay for debit card and ATM transactions separately. Again, there is no longer an overdraft fee for this service. Business checking accounts are not covered by Courtesy Pay.

Your obligation is to bring your account balance current within 45 days or your membership will be reevaluated.

For more information, please visit

Do you have a free checking account?

We don’t believe in misleading people. All of our checking accounts have a monthly fee EXCEPT for Life Essentials® that does not have a monthly fee if you use free e-statements and Perks Plus® if you carry a monthly average balance of $5,000 or more – but you get a heck of a lot with that account including dividends. We’re transparent about the fees we do charge – please visit our fee schedule for all that we do charge fees for.

1Monthly fee for Perks Checking - $6. Monthly fee for Perks Plus Checking - $9; monthly fee waived if $5,000 monthly average balance maintained. 2Zelle and the Zelle related marks are wholly owned by Early Warning Services, LLC and are used herein under license. 3Data fees may be incurred by your wireless provider. 4Coverage subject to checking product type, additional terms and conditions. Insurance products are not a deposit, not federally insured, not an obligation or guaranteed by US Eagle, its affiliates, or any government agency. 5Based on StrategyCorps/Bazing research. Individual results may vary. 6Based on IDX Fraud Services Research.

Must qualify for US Eagle membership including opening a $5 share. See US Eagle for complete details.