Announcing this year's enrichEd® Grant Program Recipients

US Eagle Blog Apr 28, 2023

US Eagle believes that every student should have access to the resources they need to thrive in school. That's why the US Eagle Foundation has created the enrichEd® classroom grant program to allow teachers to invest in items that enhance the classroom experience.

US Eagle's volunteer committee reviewed over 100 applications and selected ten schools to receive the $1,000 Classroom Grant. Selections were based on creativity, need, and the number of students served.

Congratulations to our 2022 enrichEd® Classroom Grant recipients, located throughout Bernalillo, San Juan, Sandoval, and Santa Fe County. Many of the grants are helping to fund unique learning experiences and enable more effective learning environments through a diverse array of approaches.

Amy Biehl Community School in Santa Fe received the enrichEd® grant to fund “Ms. Dayton's Flexible Classroom Seating Project”. Ms. Dayton is a 3rd grade teacher who plans to purchase flexible seating options such as floor seats, wobble cushions, wobble chairs, ball seats, and bean bags. She is hopeful that students may be able to enhance their learning with unconventional but beneficial classroom seating. Ms. Dayton is excited to use these items for many future classes to come!

Bloomfield High School teacher Sara Evans was awarded grant money for her class project titled, "Job Training is in the Eye of the Beholder!". As a Special Education teacher in San Juan County, Ms. Evans plans to purchase a pair of Oculus Virtual Reality (VR) goggles to give her students virtual job training experience through the programs Oculus offers. The smaller city and lack of transportation has hindered students from acquiring hands-on job skill training. With a VR program, students will be able to participate hands-on, right from the classroom!

Colinas del Norte Elementary in Rio Rancho is bringing science and art together for their project, “A little bit of art, a dash of science and a sprinkle of social emotional learning!”. With the awarded grant funds, students will get creative and construct a robot. They will first identify their strengths, and the creation will be a representation of such identified strengths. Students will then learn about building an electrical circuit by adding LED lights to their robot. Students will be graded based on a detailed rubric that includes the multiple components of art and science, along with social emotional learning!

The Paint4Peace Club at Early College Academy will be receiving grant funds to launch the “ABQ Tiny Purple Pantries” project, benefiting not only their classroom, but the greater Albuquerque community. Wooden, non-perishable food pantries will be constructed, painted, and then erected for the purpose of exchanging goods and resources among neighborhood residents. The first pantry will be placed at Martinez Town neighborhood and will be restocked as needed over the course of one month. Four additional pantries will then be installed. This project will allow students to engage and give back to their community, while promoting a basic way for residents to help those that may be struggling with food insecurity.

La Cueva High School received grant funds to purchase Meta Quest headsets for their “Virtual Reality Enhances Leadership and Health” project. Students will use the virtual reality headsets to practice a wide variety of activities from mental health exercises such as meditation, yoga, and breathing, to career exploration opportunities. With this new technology, students can gain empowering knowledge about real life experiences that they can use in their future careers and lives!

New Mexico School for the Arts in Santa Fe is another enrichEd grant recipient that will be using the awarded funds for their “Kraken 3D Printer” project. Once the printer is purchased, science teacher Weldon Beauchamp’s goal is to create wind turbine blades and gears in hopes of participating in the regional National KidWind Challenge. This event is a hands-on challenge that engages students through the lens of wind and solar energy – designing, constructing, and testing small wind turbines and solar structures. As NMSA is both an academic and art school, the 3D printer will have multiple uses for not only school physics and environmental sciences, but additionally kinematic art sculptures.

Public Academy for the Performing Arts Consumer Math teacher Lynnette Rios will be using her awarded funds for her senior class “Wall Street Project”. Students will begin the class by selecting stocks from three companies of interest. They will then follow their growth throughout the school year, “pretending to buy” shares and trade. At the end of the year, the students that have accumulated the highest amount of money with their stocks will win a $100 gift card! Students will be given the opportunity to learn the basics of investing, making capital, and foster an interest in their financial gain.

Sierra Vista Elementary in Bernalillo County received the grant to fund their “Scorpion Fun Room”! To combat chronic absenteeism, the school is going to create a fun game room that will encourage attendance and reward students with hands on activities such as puzzles, a gaming system, and board games. Sensory chairs along with STEM and art stations will be included in the Fun Room, stimulating and motivating students to remain engaged at school throughout the day.

Tibbetts Middle School teacher Mary Ann Briody is a Speech/Language Pathologist and requested grant funds to create the “Coffee Talk” project. This student-run coffee shop is designed to increase social interaction among life skills students and the larger Tibbetts Community. The shop will reinforce a variety of essential skills from social interaction, task completion, cooperation, money skills, social emotional regulations, and pre-job training. In addition to the establishment of a self-sustaining project, the shop will provide motivating opportunities for students to practice their communication in a more natural and social environment. With time (and a little bit of coffee), students will increase their communicative competence and overcome challenges, while enhancing their school and community.

Last but not least, Voz Collegiate Preparatory Charter School will be using awarded funds for initial costs to establish the “Voz Collegiate Cooking Club”. The grant money will be used toward hand mixers, bowls, pans, measuring cups and spoons, along with a variety of basic kitchen staples. Students will learn how to cook meals from scratch, implementing math, measurement, literacy, and communication. This valuable experience will offer students an elective that allows them to internalize life skills such as cooking and take their knowledge beyond the classroom for the duration of their lives.

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