Cannabis Start-up Businesses Need Banking Services Now

Aery Blog Apr 19, 2023

May 28, 2021, 16:53 PM

At Aery Group, we’re doing all we can to make it easy for your CRB startup to get the banking services you need before you open your doors.

The State of New Mexico is working hard to create new regulations that will allow applications and permits to get processed, and the deadline is September 1. During this time, we’re taking new steps to help you get the account you need to launch your CRB with the banking services you will need – even without a state cannabis permit.

We can help you set up checking, debit cards, bill pay, and more so you can buy the equipment you need, such as safety gear, inventory control systems, labeling and branding equipment, computers, as well as secure leases before you open your doors to the public.

As a cannabis start-up, your income is likely close to non-existent, at least until sales can begin. The good news is that Aery can start your account application now. Then, once the state schedule is published and your permit is granted, we will work with you to transition your new account to an Aery CRB account with all of the features and safety you will need to successfully navigate federal and state banking regulations.

We understand the cannabis market and know that growers will be working hard, cutters will be sharpening their shears, and retail dispensaries will be setting up their operations soon. But each business will be on a different timeline and Aery Group is here to make sure you meet your deadlines. In New Mexico this is unchartered territory, and we know that all aspects of the cannabis industry need to be prepared today. Aery Group is ready to work with you to make sure you have the banking services you need today.

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