Cells Phones for Soldiers

US Eagle Blog Apr 21, 2023

Each year, Veterans Day reminds us of all the brave men and women who have fought (and continue to fight) for freedom on our behalf. While we can never fully thank them for their countless sacrifices, US Eagle plans to honor these men and women by participating in Cell Phones for Soldiers.

Cell Phones for Soldiers is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to providing cost-free communication services and emergency funding to active-duty military members and veterans. The nonprofit uses proceeds from each donated cell phone to purchase international calling cards for troops to call home, along with providing emergency funding to veterans.

Since 2004, the charity has provided more than 400 million minutes of airtime to servicemen and women deployed around the world, by recycling more than 25 million cell phones reducing the impact on landfills.

How can you help?

Through Wednesday, November 30th, we will be collecting unwanted, gently used cell phones at every US Eagle location. Donation boxes along with signage will be sent to each branch location.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is accepted?

A: Any and all cell phones and smart phones, working or broken. Any and all iPads, tablets, and mp3 players working or broken. Chargers for phones, tablets, or mp3 players. Any accessories such as cases, etc. in their original packaging.

Q: What is not accepted?

A: Laptops or computers of any kind. Cellphone or tablet accessories not in their original packaging.

Q: Do the donated items have to work?

A: No.

Q: Is my donation tax-deductible?

A: Cell Phones for Soldiers is 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, which means your donation may be deductible for income tax purposes. If you would like a donation receipt, please download and print the form located on the Cell Phone for Soldiers website, complete it and keep it for your records (you can also print it for them).

Q: Are the donated phones sent directly to troops?

A: No, doing so is not a viable option because, first and foremost, cell phones can be security hazards for military members in combat zones. Additionally, the cost of international cell phones calls is cost-prohibitive. Instead the proceeds from donated phones fund prepaid calling cards for troops using their approved phones.

Q: What does Cell Phones for Soldiers do with the donated items?

A: Devices are either sold to an electronic refurbisher or recycler. Once received it is data wiped and checked to see if it is repairable. A repairable device is sold to a refurbisher who repairs and resells the item. Devices that are too old or completely broken are sold to recyclers who strip the devices of salvageable components and/or rare metals and then responsibly recycle the remaining parts. The proceeds from the process are used to purchase prepaid international calling cards for troops or to provide emergency funding to veterans.

Q: Is there a way to erase personal data before donating?

A: Yes, remove the SIM card if applicable or search for your devices model options to be factory reset. If you cannot factory reset the device, do not worry. The recycling partner is R2:2013 (Responsible Recycling) and NAID AAA certified (National Assoc. of Information Destruction) and follows the Department of Defense standards for wiping hard drives and devices.

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