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Accounts, Credit Cards, & Credit Union Services

They say the best things in life come for free: love, friendship, family, insanely great benefits at U.S. Eagle. It’s true, the next best thing to happen to your credit union account (aside from you, of course) are the member rewards you’ll receive when you choose New Mexico’s long trusted federal credit union, U.S. Eagle.

Sure, we offer awesome credit card rewards, unbeatable rates, and convenient online services, but those are standards you can expect from us every time. You can also expect to be greeted with a smile and a nice chat about your day, by tellers who are actually interested. That’s what really matters when you trust someone with your finances - the human touch. You don’t need one of those big, cold bankers from the major chain banks that don’t care. You need a local banker with integrity, and that’s who we are.

Take a look at our credit union accounts and credit cards to find the perfect financial solution for you and your family, and rest easy knowing that your finances are in the hands of someone that really cares about you, your money, and your community.

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