What’s an IRA? It’s a long-term savings account you can use to save for the future while enjoying either some potential near- or long-term tax benefits. Typically, money can’t be withdrawn before age 59 ½ without a tax penalty.

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Money Market

Our US Eagle Money Market Account is a savings account that has debit card and transfer privileges. While it limits the number of purchases and transfers each month, it does offer higher dividends than checking and other savings accounts. So it’s an ideal place for your money that – like all of US Eagle’s deposit accounts – is federally insured with accessibility options should you need to access your funds.*

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Share Certificates

What’s a share certificate? It works a lot like a share savings account, but you get a much higher dividend rate. Unlike a regular share savings account, it’s not a ‘liquid asset’ – meaning you leave the money in place for the term (length of time) of the certificate to earn the higher rate.

When it comes to share certificates, we have a number of options – ranging from just getting started with a share certificate, to those that offer potential tax and retirement benefits.*

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Share Savings Accounts

Savings accounts with high yields? You’ve got options. We even offer savings accounts with tax benefits and for setting aside money for specific goals.*

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