Plus get cashback on your
balance transfer!+

Yes, you read that right.

0% Interest For 6 Billing Cycles On Balance Transfers
(up to $6,000 balance)*

0 Balance Transfer Fee

1% Cashback on Balance Transfers

The US Eagle
METAL Credit Card.

You may get your share of zero balance transfer offers - but none like this. And with no annual fee,^ METAL is hard to beat with cashback for purchases, as you pay for those purchases - even on balance transfers.

We'd love to help you save money.

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*Subject to credit approval. For new METAL applications, must qualify for US Eagle membership including minimum $5 share deposit. Members with current US Eagle credit cards other than METAL are required to forfeit their existing card upon successful METAL credit card application. Transfers from existing US Eagle cards/products do not qualify.

0% APR (Annual Percentage Rate) and no balance transfer fee promotion valid through 5/31/23. 0% APR for balance transfers only, purchases and cash advances do not qualify and will be assessed interest at qualified rate. Maximum balance transfer amount for 0% APR promotion is $6,000 or based on available balance and credit line, whichever is less. Balances over the above amount are subject to interest at qualified rate.

No balance transfer fees and 1% cashback limited to $10,000 in balance transfers. After promotional period, interest accrued on remaining balance, 1% cashback no longer available and $25 transfer fee applies.

+Cashback eligibility is restricted to individuals who have a statement address within the 50 United States, the District of Columbia or any U.S. Possession or Territory. All cashback options automatically default to an annual deposit before end of current, or first day of following, year into member share account. Minimum cashback redemption amount of $15 required. Cashback also available for on-demand redemption by visiting and registering at Cashback on balance transfers will be credited following first 90 days.

^No annual usage fee. Transaction, penalty and other fees may apply. Transaction fees include balance transfer (after promotion period) and foreign transaction fees. Penalty fees include late and returned payments fees. Other fees include statement copy, card replacement and pay-by-phone fees. See full METAL disclosure or US Eagle for fee details.

All rates are variable and based on prime rate as published in Wall Street Journal. Your credit rating may impact APR.

See US EAGLE for promotion details and/or METAL Terms & Conditions for complete fee and interest rate details.