Financial Wellbeing - A Commitment to Community

Foundation Blog Apr 26, 2024

ARNIA Foundation and US Eagle have partnered with Rio Grande Food Project and New Day to promote financial literacy through accessible programs. ARNIA Foundation has donated $20,000 to these organizations and has pledged to offer further support through fundraising, such as the current popcorn sale, and these following programs:

Monthly Coaching Sessions

ARNIA Foundation provides financial wellness coaches monthly at Rio Grande Food Project's hub, assisting clients with banking, budgeting, and online resources.

Quarterly Workshops

These are held at New Day and RGFP. Recent topics include "Financial Institutions" and "8 Dimensions of Wellness." Future plans include workshops on credit and participation in New Day's birthday event.

Another part of ARNIA Foundation's quarterly visits to New Day is aimed at helping the youth become familiar with financial terminology and feel more confident when dealing with financial matters. By empowering them with knowledge, ARNIA Foundation aims to support these young individuals in their financial journey and assist them in establishing a strong foundation for their future. During the workshops, attendees are encouraged to ask their own questions, ensuring that their specific concerns are addressed.

Through their ongoing efforts and collaborations, ARNIA Foundation and US Eagle FCU continue to make significant strides in promoting and enabling financial literacy for individuals and communities. By offering accessible resources and tailored workshops, they are empowering individuals with the knowledge and skills they need to achieve financial stability and success.

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