With the
US Eagle Cashback Debit Card, you'll get Cashback each time you use it.*

All you need is a Perks® or Perks® Plus Checking Account.*

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Already have a Perks® account? You can get a US Eagle CashBack Debit Card by calling or visiting any one of our branches.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any signature-based purchase qualifies for cashback. Debit card purchases are processed with a choice of ‘processing channels’ – debit or credit. You must choose credit as your purchase option (this is what signature-based means) to get cashback. This doesn’t make it a ‘credit card’ purchase.

That may sound confusing, but it really isn’t. To learn how to make signature-based purchases with your US Eagle CashBack Debit Card, visit useagle.org/cashback. ATM transactions do not qualify for cashback.

We made it simple. It’s all cash, all the time. No converting points to figure out how much cashback you really have. Your cashback is simply and clearly stated at EagleCashBack.org.

Yes. You can make purchases and withdraw money at an ATM just like you would with any debit card (ATM withdrawals do not qualify for cashback). It also comes with ‘tap-to-pay’ and ‘zero liability’ features – covering you for any purchases that weren’t made by you. Like other cards, you may also use it as part of your mobile wallet to allow the cashback to really build-up.

No. There is no annual fee for having a US Eagle CashBack Debit Card.

Yes. You’ll need to have a US Eagle Perks® or Perk® Plus Checking Account. And we think you’ll find those very special. Check them out at GetThePerks.org to see everything you’ve been missing!

If you already have a Perks® account, you can get a US Eagle CashBack Debit Card by calling or visiting any branch. Please don’t destroy and continue to use your current debit card until you receive your new one.

Yes! You can combine your cashback with US Eagle METAL. It’s a cashback credit card (as in heavy cashback) with all of your cashback stacking up in the same place. No separate cashback cards piling-up cash in separate places. Very cool.

To learn about US Eagle METAL, visit EagleMETAL.org.

To learn more about how your cashback can combine, visit CashItIn.org.

Both your METAL and debit card cashbacks are visible and accessible at the same site: EagleCashBack.org.

It’s fairly simple. At US Eagle, profits aren’t our focus – people are. We are a not-for-profit credit union. And, as New Mexico’s longest-standing, member-owned credit union, people have been our focus for over 86 years. The more our member-owners use us, the more financial stability we have to offer great financial products and services like the US Eagle CashBack Debit Card.

*ATM transactions do not qualify for cashback, only signature-based purchase transactions (learn more at useagle.org/cashback). Eligibility is restricted to individuals who have a statement address within the 50 United States, the District of Columbia or any U.S. Possession or Territory. All cashback options automatically default to an annual deposit before end of current, or first day of following, year into member share account. Cashback also available for on-demand redemption by visiting and registering for online banking at useagle.org. Minimum cashback redemption amount of $5 required. US Eagle CashBack Debit Card only available with US Eagle Perks and Perks Plus Checking. Monthly fees for Perks checking accounts: $6 for Perks and $9 for Perks Plus. Perks Plus fee waived by maintaining a minimum monthly average account balance of $5,000. Monthly fees for checking accounts, other than Perks and Perks Plus, for use in-tandem with US Eagle Debit Card may apply. $25 minimum opening deposit required for US Eagle checking accounts. Must qualify for US Eagle membership to open account including $5 share deposit. Visa’s Zero Liability policy does not apply to Visa corporate or Visa purchasing card or account transactions, or any transactions that are not processed by Visa. For specific restrictions, limitations, and other details, see your contact agreement or contact US Eagle. Visa, Tap-To-Go and Zero Liability are trademarks of Visa, Inc. METAL is under trademark of US Eagle Federal Credit Union. See additional cashback terms and conditions. See US Eagle for complete details.