Unlimited Cashback on Purchases


Cashback on Payments 

You’ll not only earn cashback on your purchases but also when you pay for those purchases.1



Cashback that never expires and no restricted categories to keep track of or weird points to redeem. Just hard, cold cash that goes directly into your member savings account.2




Move your other card balances to METAL in the first 90 days and get even more cashback with no balance transfer fee.3

No Annual Fee.

METAL doesn’t eat cashback — it gives it.4

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If US Eagle METAL looks good to you now, wait until you have it in your hand. And start hearing the
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Frequently Asked Questions

With METAL, you earn unlimited cashback on purchases (1.5%), and when you pay for those purchases (.5%) — for a total of 2% cashback. Again, it’s unlimited. No restrictions, no funny business — like the hassle of tracking where and what you buy to get the maximum cashback. It's good to be rewarded for your payments, too, isn't it? All we ask is that you pay the minimum due each month.

And, for the first 90 days after METAL is in your life, you’ll get 1% cashback on your balance transfers — up to $10,000 in balance transfers with no balance transfer fee. Again, that’s good for the first 90 days. After that, the cashback goes away and the $25 transfer fee is charged. Your transfer amount is charged interest based on your purchase APR (Annual Percentage Rate).

Unlike other cashback credit cards, there are no annual, application, over-the-limit or extra cash advance fees with METAL. There are other fees that are fairly standard as with other cards such as a replacement card ($25), transfers ($25 — waived for the first 90 days), foreign transactions (1% of amount), pay-by-phone ($10), statement copy ($2) as well as late and returned payment fees ($25). The important thing to remember is that, unlike other cashback cards, METAL doesn’t charge you rent for your wallet space. None of these fees are automatic. If you don’t use them, you don’t pay for them. It doesn’t cost just to have METAL in your pocket.

According to an independent study by The Balance, the average credit card interest rate is 20.55% APR (Annual Percentage Rate). METAL does offer an extremely favorable rate compared to other cards out there. There is also no minimum interest charge with METAL.

Here’s something a little different that we think you’ll really like. Instead of having to remember to claim your cashback, it’s automatically deposited into your membership share (savings) account. No questions asked, no hassles. It will be deposited into your account annually, before the end of or on the first of the year, as long as you have at least $15 worth of cashback accumulated.

Or you can choose to grab your cashback on-demand, whenever you’d like at EagleCashback.org. You may also check your cashback at the same site, 24/7. Just register your METAL card once you receive it. Any cashback received for balance transfers will be credited after the first 90 days.

Another great note. Unlike some cards, your cashback never expires — it just keeps adding up in your share savings account.

When we built METAL, we wanted to make it simple. It’s all cash, all the time. So no long-division needed in figuring how many points equal what amount of cash. Your cashback is simply and clearly stated at EagleCashback.org.

Yes. Just about all the features you’d find in other cashback credit cards you’ll find in METAL. It also carries all the security features you’d find in other cards including zero liability for any purchases that weren’t made by you. Like other cards, you may also use it as part of your mobile wallet to allow the cashback to really build-up.

It’s fairly simple. At US Eagle, profits aren’t our focus — people are. We are a not-for-profit, member- owned credit union. And, as New Mexico’s longest-standing, member-owned credit union, people have been our focus for over 86 years. The more our member-owners use us, the more financial stability we have to offer great financial products and services. This is how and why METAL was born.

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