US Eagle Gives Back to New Mexico Veterans

Foundation Blog May 19, 2023

There are nearly 47,000 disabled veterans in the state of New Mexico in need of support. These veterans have shown their mettle, and now we're showing them ours.

Who benefits from this campaign?

With the announcement of the cashback METAL Credit Card last year, US Eagle partnered with the local organizations, Veterans Integration Centers of New Mexico (VICNM) and Paws and Stripes to support the ongoing needs of disabled veterans in the state. Through the Mettle Program, donations are distributed directly to these organizations.

How does it work?

This card provides unlimited cashback, credited directly to the member’s account while also helping disabled veterans in their community.

Members receive cashback each time they use this their METALTM card. The donation is fully funded by US Eagle per purchase with proceeds directly benefitting VICNM and Paws and Stripes.

“People have a choice of cards to use when they're doing their everyday purchases. If they use the METAL card, they'll be helping veterans.”

- Brock Wolf, CEO of the Veterans Integration Centers.

For more information about the Mettle donation effort, visit

For information and to apply for a U.S. Eagle Visa® METAL™ Card, visit

To learn more about the Veterans Integration Center, visit

To learn more about Paws and Stripes, visit

“Most Americans really want to support our veterans but in the state of New Mexico specifically, we have so many. One in eight households has a veteran living in it. It's not just about helping our veterans; it's about how we're helping those that are all a part of our community and thus we're helping our whole community.”

- Lindsay Kay, Founder and Executive Director of Paws and Stripes

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