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Credit Union Checking Accounts & Debit Cards

Get started with one of our checking accounts today!

Your phone bill, rent, car insurance, a plate of nachos to get you through that late night at work - you may be worried about how you’re going to pay for all this every month, but what you’ll never have to worry about is your checking account. You get up every morning and work hard, and we think we should work hard for you! From cash rewards for Debit Card purchases to accounts with no minimum balance requirement, we give New Mexicans the chance to exceed their own expectations.

Our flexible checking options allow easy access to the money you need every day, whether you’re handing it over to the electric company or simply picking up the tab after lunch with an old friend. Whatever size your budget or however big your deposits might be, the convenient locations and easily accessible accounts (including through our online banking service) help you keep your money right at hand.

And since we know not many of you carry cash anymore - except on laundry night, maybe - we offer an easy and flexible debit card program to give you easy access to your checking accounts without having to make constant trips to the ATM or carry around a big wad of bills wherever you go. We even offer cash back rewards for debit card users as our little way of saying “thank you” - and if you’re the sort that loves getting back on your banking, we also have a credit card rewards program that has even more “thank you”.

Let our checking accounts get you access to the money you need for daily expenses, let our savings accounts keep your “rainy day” funds safe, and let the Eagle help you with any of your credit union needs.
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