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Online Banking Services

Online options that you can rely on.

Our suite of credit union services are now available online from any internet-connected device so you can get banking done wherever and whenever you want to. The U.S. Eagle online banking service offers easy access to your savings accounts and  checking accounts 24/7 from your desktop, tablet, or laptop, whenever you need to keep an eye on your finances, pay bills, or simply take a look at our other account, credit card, or loan offerings. And with our innovative security systems and protections in place, you know your information is safe from the sort of people you don’t want looking at it.

We’re here to make your life easier. You want to pay your bills at 3 in the morning because that’s when it’s best for you? Done. You want a system that’s secure, and your confidence about banking online to soar? Super done. You want these same options and security, but in a mobile banking service? Done, done, and done.  At U.S. Eagle, we believe in protecting our members while giving them the opportunity to live their lives.

Online and Mobile Banking Updates

We recently made improvements to both our online and mobile banking systems.  New features and improved navigation and menu selections enable you to get to the functions you need faster and easier.  And, our online and mobile app now operate from the same platform, providing you with a consistent user experience.  

The most notable improvements are presented below:

Online Transfers and Payments

We have improved our “Transfers & Payments” feature.  This feature allows you to make loan payments using funds from any financial institution.  The new “External Transfer Activity” screen presents all transfer activity in one convenient location.  You also have the option to make payments to your loan using a debit card through our “Pay Loan With a Card” feature. 

Improved Navigation

We've improved the navigation of our online and mobile app platforms by organizing the menu into categories and placing most-used features first so that you can get what you need easier and quicker.

U.S. Eagle online banking menu navigation

Improved Menu 

The order of menu items now lists the most-used features first.

Some features have been renamed for better clarity:

  • "Pay Loan Here" is now "Pay Loan with a Card"
  • "Family & Friends" is now "Authorized User"

U.S. Eagle mobile banking menu navigation

RDC Limits 

A new feature on the Mobile Deposit screen presents the amount remaining on your daily RDC dollar deposit limit.

U.S. Eagle mobile banking deposit

Tile View

You can opt to see all your accounts in an easier to navigate Tile View.  Try out which works best for you by selecting either icon identified in the green area below.

Accounts Overview on U.S. Eagle's online banking system

Emojis Now Available

You can now use emojis to help you quickly identify different accounts and transaction types.

U.S. Eagle online banking transaction history

One-time PIN Authentication

One-time PIN Authentication is available as an Additional Service for enhanced security when you log in.

Additional Services section on U.S. Eagle's online banking system

New Features for our Mortgage Page


We have consolidated the menu items on our Mortgages page and added a Payoff Request feature.  Additionally, this page now includes Educational Videos to help guide you through the home buying process, and a live chat that connects to a Mortgage agent.

U.S. Eagle online banking mortgage page

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