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Save money & the environment!

It’s no secret, it’s pretty sunny here in New Mexico. Like, all the time. If you’re tired of just considering solar panels and are ready to start saving money (and the earth), solar loans are the ideal way to leap into action.

Rather than just leasing solar panels, a solar panel loan can allow you to literally own power. These solar financing options work much the same way as other home improvement loans by helping you get upfront financing to cover the planning, engineering, purchase, and even the installation of brand-new solar panels in your home, replacing the old-fashioned (and costly) methods you have of powering your home. With a U.S. Eagle solar loan, you can get easy and comprehensive financing for every step of the solar panel installation process and provide a cleaner future for your home.

Better for the environment, better for your family, and better on your wallet - sounds good, right? With solar panel financing (and a little help) from your proud partners at U.S. Eagle, you can harvest the energy of the sun and be the superhero you always knew you could be.*





*Loans subject to credit approval

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