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Car & Auto Loans

Hit the road with Car Loan from U.S. Eagle!

We know car shopping can be kind of bittersweet sometimes. You’re saying goodbye to your old car, you’re saying hello to your brand new ride, you’re dealing with the salesperson’s cheap suits and expensive haircuts...and right on time, here comes all that auto loan paperwork to spoil the mood.

Nobody ever looks forward to getting an auto loan, but here at the Eagle we do everything we can to make the process of getting a car loan as painless as it can be. We’ve got conveniently-placed locations staffed with loan agents that actually care about your needs (and not just meeting goals), flexible terms and competitive rates that can fit the scope and demands of any budget or household, and we’ll even provide you a list of some of our favorite New Mexico car dealers so you know you’re getting a good deal from a trustworthy dealer - no more fly-by-night 2 a.m. TV commercial car dealers for you!

We can’t do much to help if you’re having a hard time deciding on what color and material you want your new car’s interior to be, but we can make the rest of the process a lot smoother than it used to be. Take a look at our car loan offerings and find the perfect fit for your budget - we’ll leave the whole interior thing to you.*

Car Loan Pre-Approval

Take the guesswork out of shopping for your next vehicle. Visit any of our branch offices for a pre-approval, or fill out our online car loan application here. The process is easy and you’ll walk into the dealership with buying power!

Shop for your Next Vehicle Online

We have partnered with AutoSmart and the best dealers in town to bring you an online shopping experience that will save you time.



*Loans subject to credit approval

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