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Credit Union Savings Accounts

Savings options that you can rely on.

Look right now and tell us how much you have in your savings account. Ok, you don’t have to tell us. But if you don’t have a savings account, we need to talk. Don’t you want your paycheck to go further? Don’t you want that solid oak vanity or maybe some reassurance that if something happens, you’ll be prepared? We don’t just give your money a place to stay, we give it opportunities to grow and turn into the money you always knew it could be.

With U.S. Eagle, your money doesn’t just sit around and wait in an account until you decide it’s time to use it. Our account options help you grow and plan your money for the future by offering competitive interest rates and dividends to make sure your money is working for you, even while it’s maturing in your account.

  • Share savings accounts are a type of savings account that compounds daily to contribute a monthly deposit to your savings to help you save for major purchases.
  • Money market accounts are a savings account that keeps your money accessible with unlimited withdrawals while helping increase your available funds through dividends paid based upon your account balance.
  • Ladder certificate accounts bundle five share certificates together into one account that produces dividends on your initial deposit at the five-year rate, with the ability to withdraw at annual intervals.

With each of these savings account products, U.S. Eagle can help your savings grow and mature at the rate that’s right for you, while still giving you access to your money whenever you need it most.

We know it can be intimidating to open a savings account if you’ve never had one before, and figuring out where to start can be enough to discourage you from the whole process. To help you through the world of savings, interest, and financial planning, we offer our First Step starter savings account to help show you how just how much a savings account can help your finances.

Of course, the Eagle does more than give you a safe place to build up your finances. Our online banking services let you access your money whenever you need it (or keep an eye on it when you don’t), and we offer checking accounts to give you easy access to your money whenever you need it. And when you do need it, we’ve got tons of locations with some of the friendliest tellers in New Mexico to help you out. (Just promise to show us pictures of the dream home you bought with it.)

We can get you the most competitive rates, the most convenient account access, and the most personable service around with our credit union savings accounts. All you have to do is to keep an eye on your account until your next vacation is paid for - or until that rainy day finally arrives.

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