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Credit Union Loans

Let us lend you a hand in making your dreams possible.

We all grew up with big dreams - whether that’s to start your own business, buy the perfect house for your family, or finally go back to school to become a doctor, U.S. Eagle is here to help. Since the beginning, our vision has been to provide our members with an easier, friendlier, and all around better approach to making their own dreams possible.

Our credit union loans offer a wide variety of loan options and sizes for almost any need, including auto loans to pay for your next new car, mortgages to help pay for the house of your dreams, home improvement loans to make the house of your dreams even better, and even personal loans to help build credit or cover unexpected expenses.

Sure, we could tell you all about your competitive rates, our friendly, hands-on service, or our number of convenient locations, but when you’re looking to get a loan, we know the one thing you’re worried about is getting the money you need. If convenient, personalized loans are what you’re after, the Eagle is here to help. Take a look at our loan options, or check out our credit cards too for a flexible finance option.

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